Does PIRO support EDI?

EDI jewelryWhen your company starts collaborating with larger jewelry retail chains, they will probably ask if your ERP supports EDI. But what is EDI, and why could it be critical?

Simply put, EDI is a communication technology that transmits data from one system to another. 


PIRO jewelry software: year-in-review 2021

piro reviewLet’s be honest, most of us thought and hoped that the pandemic would come to an end in 2021 and the jewelry industry would come back to its pre-pandemic state. We proved to be too optimistic, many jewelry shops reported temporary closures during the past year as more and more businesses were migrating to online sales.


How jewelry casting companies can work smarter? (infographic)

jewelry castingIn the last few decades, the competition between jewelry casting companies has intensified. The more inventive ones have purchased the latest technologies, the best machinery and the latest 3D printers. But are these the only things that differentiate a reputable casting company from the others?


[Vlog] A guide to calculating ROI in case of a jewelry software

ROI in case of a jewelry softwareThe question I will try to answer in this post is: how long does it take for software investments, and in particular investments into business software, to pay themselves back? And how will this payback happen and how do we know whether an investment in an ERP software system was or will be the right thing to do?


[Vlog] 7+1 reasons why software projects experience budget overruns

jewelry software budgetBudget overruns used to be the most common issues during the software projects.

Research data shows that in 2017 over 65% percent of companies exceeded their implementation budget. This percentage was even higher in the previous year at 74%, so while it is an improvement, it is still staggering.