What you won't find in other jewelry ERP software

Tools that make PIRO a truly unique jewelry casting software.

No other jeweler software have this - just Google it.

Unique feature: jewelry casting management

PIRO can facilitate your casting process in detail.

If you are doing casting, the casting module can be of tremendous help as it allows for detailed tracking of casting trees, metals mixed, metal amounts used, as well as metal losses during the jewelry casting process.

  • PIRO can automatically assign jobs to casting trees based on the metals that the job is cast in; this helps prevent casting errors as your users can only cast jobs from the correct metal.
  • Trees are tracked in the casting process, including flask burnout and casting temperatures – this way the caster does not need to know what temperatures need to be used, PIRO provides all that information readily, based on the tree’s characteristics.
  • You can batch multiple trees into casting batches (CB) in order to speed up the casting process.
  • The different types of metals used for jewelry casting are tracked individually for each tree, whether fresh metal, scrap, dust, or other forms of metal are being used. This allows you to keep track of all your metal forms individually without much effort as PIRO will always know how much of each type you create or use.
  • A real-time metal inventory ledger shows you exactly how much metal you have in your shop, broken down to the different forms of metal (fresh, scrap, recycled, etc.) as well as inventory that you received from your customers.
  • Tumbling batches can be used to manage the tumbling process of job items by keeping track of the items’ initial weights and weights after tumbling, the handler user, as well as the status of the tumbling process itself.

Video Tutorial:
Casting management

With this toolset we are able to track casting trees, metal mixing, metal amounts used, and metal losses. Jobs are automatically assigned to casting trees, thus preventing casting errors.