PIRO - the flexible and customizable jewelry ERP software

We don't believe in one-size-fits-all jewelry management software. Neither should you.
PIRO's flexible architecture allows us to configure the system a unique way for each type of jewelry businesses.

The most customizable jewelry software

The main strength of PIRO is that it can be easily configured to fit your established production process, no matter whether you are a manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer or a mix in between.

Instead of having to re-train your whole shop to use the fixed process that most other jewelry management software require, you can easily update the default service settings and system configuration (including inventory data structure and security settings) and your staff can continue using the same process as before - just much faster and more transparent to you, the shop manager or owner.

  • Add services as you need - process your jobs with a few steps or implement complex automatic routing of jobs based on job attributes and actions.
  • Set up the data points that you want to track within each service - simply add a field to the service attributes and you are set.
  • PIRO lets you customize the view modes of most screens for each user individually, so each user can set up their screen in a way that works best for them and which may be very different from that of their colleagues. These custom settings are saved separately for each user, and are remembered for the users’ future login sessions.
  • Create workflows to facilitate entering job orders - instead of having to assign each service separately to a job, create workflows and let PIRO do the management, routing and tracking of the job.
  • Set up your inventory handling rules so that PIRO knows how each service affects your inventory (i.e. Casting will remove some metal at the start of the casting process and add back some at the end, like the sprue and clippings).
  • Item-specific routing rules - you can define routing rules for selected (or all) styles – this will allow you to fine-tune the manufacturing process and service pricing for each style individually, as needed. Once the workflow is defined for an item type or style, PIRO will automatically route any job order that makes that specific item through the pre-set steps and services.
  • Configure the email notifications that are being sent to your customers: while you will receive a default set of emails from us, you can choose to personalize them using your own text.
  • Create and add your own service tools and assign them to services - so that your staff can work with those tools and track important data (such as your metal oven's maximum temperature range or the service price associated with a particular machine).
  • With the Routing alerts functionality, you can give instructions to your users while processing the job orders via notifications (in text or image format). This communication routine will help your users maintaining their productivity and minimizing the production errors due to ineffective communication. At the same time it helps speed up and complete the training of your staff.
  • Our robust and flexible import tool facilitates the data migration to PIRO. Users can easily import customers, job orders, sales orders, item types, inventory from Excel as well as pictures.
  • Electronic Data Interchange - the EDI module can automate the exchange of documents such as orders, purchase orders and invoices with other systems or platforms, using standardized EDI formats (X12 or XML) and document types (850, 855, 860, 856, 810, 852 etc.). Automated or manual inbound and outbound workflows can be set up through sFTP connection, making the data exchange process seamless.
  • Multilanguage support - localization is supported in PIRO and its various forms and modules can be translated from English into other languages, so that users may be comfortable with using PIRO and its wide range of features in their native language.
  • Set your working hours - do you keep your shop open on the weekend? Do you only work 4 days a week? You can input them and PIRO will schedule your jobs accordingly.
  • Multi-currency settings allow you to work with multiple currencies
  • Use multiple weight modes (g, dwt, CT, etc.)
  • Set the image sizes handled by the system