Advanced jewelry software with business intelligence tool

The Dashboard displays the current status of jewelry work orders and other key performance indicators
of your jewelry business, and consolidates them on a single screen.

Visual dashboard

Your birds-eye view of your business.

The dashboard is a business intelligence tool that gives you a quick, top-level overview of the health of your operation - in a visual manner.

  • You can see whether you are falling behind your schedule in real time and you can clearly see the bottlenecks causing the issues so you can fix them right away.
  • You can see the performance of your employees at a glance
  • You can see your inventory usage versus your inventory needs so you can maximize your throughput
  • Any issues related to customers are visible (payment delays, problems with jobs, etc.).

Video Tutorial:

The Dashboard is your visual interface that provides you with a number of vital indicators (production, inventory, employees, financial etc.) about your business, all in real time.