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Jewelry software integrated with the main E-commerce sites

Buying jewelry online is the latest trend so no jewelry retailer or wholesaler should miss this growing market.
Therefore, PIRO now offers seamless connection to many E-commerce platforms.

Diversify your sales strategy by integrating PIRO with e-commerce platforms

Automatic bi-directional data transfer between the back-office PIRO system and your E-commerce channels will allows you to operate more efficiently as a business by fulfilling orders automatically.

PIRO is integrated with WooCommerce (Wordpress), Shopify, RevCascade, R2Net, Etsy, SolidCommerce and VEN. This list will be continuously completed with other E-commerce platforms such as Magento, eBay, Amazon, Overstock, etc.

  • You can simply and quickly syncronize any jewelry styles and collections between PIRO and your webshop, including complex styles and its variants, therefore the buyers can easily configure the product attributes such as metal type, size etc.
  • The seamless connection between PIRO and your webshop allows you to use the same complex and advanced jewelry pricing structure as PIRO has.
  • The complete profiles of your registered webshop users are automatically mapped into PIRO, therefore you don't have to transfer it manually.
  • Jewelry orders from your webshop or other E-commerce platforms are generating sales orders straight in PIRO, allowing you to create work orders without double data entry.
  • Customers can track their order's status through your site due to real-time syncronization with PIRO

Signet - Personalized Jewelry Integration

The well-known jewelry retail giant, Signet Jewelers, owns and operates brands like Zales, Peoples, Gordons Jewelers, Kay Jewelers, Jared, and others. Signet is working with selected wholesalers to offer customized jewelry through the Signet websites like and


One of the most popular features they have within their websites is the Personalized Jewelry Configurator which allows buyers to customize their selected jewelry. If you intend to sell online customized jewelry on Signet's websites, we can implement for you a fully integrated, visual jewelry configurator which is embedded into their website (respecting all the technical requirements) and it's integrated with PIRO, pulling the style information, configuration options, images and prices through the PIRO API.

See the screenshots below from one of our recent Signet integration projects, which resulted in a Personalized Jewelry Configurator adapted for a family jewelry collection. The user can customize the jewelry by selecting the color of metal, the number and the type of stones, can enter engraving texts, while all customization options are instantly displayed on the screen.

Video Tour: - Personalized Jewelry Configurator

The PIRO Jewelry Configurator allows for configuring the metals and the stones directly on and submit the order to PIRO, while all the pricing and style information is stored in and controlled by PIRO (e.g. style images and configuration options).

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