Accounting features

PIRO can generate your invoices automatically once a job is finished.

By the time a job order reaches its last step, PIRO has all the information necessary to create an invoice. Since it “knows” the materials used, the labor costs, the service fees, markups, shipping costs, etc., it is just a matter of clicking a button to get the invoice created and emailed to the customer.

  • PIRO can generate invoices for individual job orders or it can automatically aggregate your job orders and invoice them at once.
  • Accept payments via credit cards directly from PIRO.
  • Create and email statements for selected customer or all customers directly from the invoicing module.
  • Invoice consigned goods that have been sold with one click
  • If you have the QuickBooks Bridge, PIRO will push the invoices into QuickBooks in real-time so you don’t need to re-enter it.
  • Invoices, open balances and payments are shown in real-time in the PIRO Customer Portal for your customers to see; they can also pay open invoices online.

Video Tutorial:
Sales and invoicing

PIRO will automate your sales process, allowing you to create and process sales orders with just a few clicks. Numerous tools are available to streamline the sales from price quoting to invoicing.