The right jewelry management software with real-time reporting

A real-time reporting approach isn’t required for every part of your jewelry business.
But some of them, like accurate reporting of work-in-progress, are essential.

Creating real-time reports or getting them automatically

A jewelry managament software that can report on every aspect of your business.

In the world of business management, accurate and timely reports can mean the difference between knowing what is going on in the business and acting on issues quickly and closing your doors. The PIRO reporting toolset allows you to use any of the predefined reports or even to create your own reports.

  • There are over 100 real-time reports to choose from, relating to all the different aspects of the business: production, inventory, CRM, sales, financials, and activities.
  • Multi-level report structure
  • Complex filtering options
  • Production reports: provide an insight into the production process, i.e. jobs in production, delayed orders, completed jobs, etc.
  • CRM and Sales reports can give you quick, up-to-date information about your customers, pending price quotes, sales, commissions, etc.
  • Activities reports can give you information about what your users are doing, their productivity as well as you detailed costs of providing your services.
  • You can export reports to Excel as well as print them in PDF format.
  • User & role-based access to reports
  • Multiple printable versions can be assigned to each report
  • Create and manage custom reports: you can define filters, columns and certain formatting rules for reports as well as create new reports (note: this requires a certain level of SQL programming experience). Reports can be printed in PDF format as well as exported as MS Excel files.
  • Scheduled reports: a tool which can be used to automatically run and e-mail any of the reports available in PIRO at predefined intervals. Not only does this save up valuable employee work time by not having to run the report themselves, but also ensures that everyone receives and works with the most up-to-date report information.

Video Tutorial:
Real-time reporting

Acting on issues quickly is essential to the success of your business, effective decision making depends upon having well-presented information about your jewelry shop.