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One of the key features in any jewelry management system

A well-built jewelry management software should comply to the highest security standards
and allow you to restrict user access to sensitive data.

Setting permissions and access levels

When you are dealing with jewelry and precious items, security is the king, therefore a jewelry management system should comply to the highest security standards.

PIRO's security module allows you to fine-tune access to sensitive data. You can set access levels to individual pages, forms and data fields, as well as reports for user groups or individual users.

  • You can set permissions so that users can only view specific jobs and work on services that are assigned to them and nothing else.
  • All inventory movements are tracked by user by default, so you will know which user works with what inventory item or component or consumable.
  • System usage is tracked by user so you know who had access to what information and when.
  • You can create groups to group users with similar privileges – this streamlines your security settings (i.e. all jewelers get the same permissions when they are assigned to the “Jewelers” group, etc.).
  • PIRO also allows you to keep track of employees who are not using PIRO in any direct way by entering them into the system as Employee users. Such users do not have login credentials and cannot sign in to PIRO, but they can still be assigned to orders and services, allowing you to keep a better track of who is handling a specific step in the production workflow.

Video Tutorial:

The PIRO Security module allows you to fine-tune access to sensitive data. You can set access levels for your users by classifying them into user groups with different access rights.