Use PIRO as a timekeeping system for jewelers

With the built in timekeeping system you are not only able to track the employee time clock,
but you can follow what they are working on and generate detailed activity reports.

Employee timekeeping system

In our management software you can track all activities performed by your users and calculate exactly how much it costs you to process and deliver each job order.

The timekeeping module in PIRO allows you to track the times spent by employees on work-related activities, from simple actions like clocking in and clocking out to tracking of the time spend doing different activities on an order (i.e. CAD time, stone setting, polishing, etc.)

  • User specific time-keeping: individual employees can have their own barcoded badges so PIRO recognizes them whenever they use the timekeeping system
  • Employee time clock system: the simplest way of using the timekeeping system is as a time clock; users can simply clock in when starting their shifts, and clock out for lunch or end of shift
  • Activity tracking: you can create the activities you want to track (i.e. CAD design time, wax carving time, stone setting time, etc.) – then PIRO can track whenever these activities are performed by the users
  • Work logs: PIRO will log the activities performed to active orders, so you can see how much time and effort actually went into each order and finish piece made.
  • Activity reports: PIRO can generate detailed time reports that show the total times spent by individual employees on orders, as well as the times spent during a certain period with certain activities. This is especially useful if you are working with contractors that are paid by the hour – you can see exactly how much time they spent during a specific period.
  • Activity history: since PIRO can keep track of all the activities, you can always see in real time who is working on what order/style/piece – and even look up the labor history of a certain piece (i.e. who did the setting on a certain piece a few months back and how much time they spent on it).

[App add-on] Your employees will like its simplicity

While timekeeping is not always a priority for employees, their activities are key information for the management. Make their time tracking hassle-free and they will be more willing to log their activities. To set this up, all you need is an Android-based tablet at their bench/workstation. 

[Add-on] Timekeeping management - Intuitive application

This timekeeping app doesn’t only track user activities, it also gives users real-time feedback about their performance.

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