Easy configuration and simplicity - it's PIRO Breeze

Getting harder to keep up with things using manual tracking method, but you don't need a sophisticated system?
PIRO Breeze is the ideal solution for small jewelry companies: you can get started for free.

What is PIRO Breeze?

PIRO Breeze is the lightweight version of PIRO Fusion, which is our cloud-based solution for jewelry businesses. Is ideal for smaller companies or start-ups which has no need for complex setup just a centralized database to manage the daily operations. In other words, we could say that PIRO Breeze is the Starter package of PIRO Fusion. As your company outgrows the Breeze the upgrade to Fusion is quite easy.

Simple toolset for simple jewelry businesses

PIRO Breeze is an easy-to-configure toolset for jewelry manufacturers and wholesale companies that don’t require a complex setup. Basically is the simplified version of PIRO Fusion.

As it’s cloud-hosted by PIRO, can be accessed and used from anywhere. You don’t need to install anything – just log into Breeze from your computer, tablet or phone, like you would log into a Hotmail or Gmail account. Some of the main benefits and features:

  • PIRO Breeze is cloud-based, provides full mobility via tablets and smartphones
  • It provides all the essential functions but in a simple way: production, inventory, CRM, invoicing, reporting, security, administration
  • Easy access: you can use Breeze to create and process job orders from your tablet or phone
  • Any device is supported: our cloud-based software equally runs on Mac computers, PCs, phones or any tablet (Apple and Android)
  • No additional software or hardware needed

Inventory management – track every piece of material

PIRO Breeze keeps an exact inventory of all items and materials used in daily production and uses metal market prices to calculate your inventory's present value in real-time, all managed from cloud.

  • Real-time inventory tracking: Breeze will track all your inventory (components and finished pieces) in real time, so you always know what you have on hand and in production
  • PIRO Breeze will update the value of your precious metals automatically based on market price feeds (Apmex or other), based on your set schedule (i.e. every day or week)
  • Create your own styles and set up the bill of materials (components) for each style; you can also group similar styles for easier management
  • Partition your inventory into easily managed groups so you have instant visibility of your styles, diamonds and any other inventory items

Jewelry manufacturing management – simple workflows

The jewelry manufacturing process can be complex but PIRO Breeze takes over all the time-consuming management tasks as it keeps track of your jewelry manufacturing process.

  • Materials tracking: PIRO Breeze tracks every material used in the process
  • Exact job duration tracking: PIRO Breeze tracks every job to make sure that the steps needed are performed on time. Delayed job orders can be tracked on the dashboard so you know in time which jobs require attention. This ensures timely delivery of finished goods to your customers
  • Edit and customize the pre-defined workflows
  • Print job envelopes (job bags) with barcode and job image that helps you to easily identify job items. The entire production process can be guided with solely using bar code readers – this eliminates errors and facilitates the flow of materials through your shop. Breeze also allows you to use your tablet’s or phone’s camera to scan barcodes – so no new hardware is necessary!

Manage your customers easily

The CRM function puts detailed customer information in your hands – no matter where you are. You can quickly add new customers from your phone/tablet, and retrieve data when you need it. You can access and set all profile information such as financial settings, shipping preferences, notes.

Invoicing – and automated inventory movements

PIRO Breeze offers simple invocing. Once you add a Job order (JO) or any inventory item to the invoice the system will automatically deduct the invoiced items from your inventory. These movements can be tracked using the Inventory history feature.

  • PIRO Breeze can generate invoices for individual job orders or it can automatically aggregate your job orders and invoice them at once
  • Download multiple invoices: you can send bulk email messages with invoice attachments from Invoice management. You are also able to bulk-download multiple invoices in one PDF
  • Applying discounted payment terms: you can set up and apply discounted payment terms. This way you can offer an early payment discount to motivate your customer to pay sooner
  • Create invoices manually (for items or job orders), print or email them with one click
  • Breeze will deduct the invoiced items from your inventory automatically

Generate real-time reports

PIRO Breeze offers a comprehensive collection of reports - including the intuitive Breeze Dashboard. This function puts all the data from production to sales and financials at your fingertips, allowing for fast and accurate management decisions even while on the road (since it's cloud-based).

  • There are over 20 real-time reports to choose from, relating to all the different aspects of the business: production, inventory, Customer reports, and financials
  • The Dashboard gives you a quick, top-level overview of the health of your operation
  • Production reports: provide an insight into the production process, i.e. jobs in production, delayed orders, completed jobs, etc.
  • You can export reports to Excel as well as print them in PDF format.