Manage your jewelry business from the cloud

PIRO Fusion is the cloud-based version of PIRO, provides all the core functionality that PIRO does,
but on an easy-to-use, touchscreen optimized, responsive interface that works on all platforms,
including tablets, phones, Macs and PCs.

Access PIRO Fusion from anywhere, any time

PIRO Fusion, our cloud-based version of PIRO, can be accessed and used from anywhere. You don’t need to install anything – just log into Fusion from your computer, tablet or phone, like you would log into a Hotmail or Gmail account.

  • PIRO Fusion is cloud-based, provides full mobility via tablets and smartphones
  • It provides all the essential functions of the server-based PIRO: production, inventory, CRM, sales, accounting, reporting, security, administration
  • Easy access: you can use Fusion to create and process job orders from your tablet or phone
  • Any device is supported: our cloud-based software equally runs on Mac computers, PCs, phones or any tablet (Apple and Android)
  • No additional software or hardware needed
  • Fast and efficient: you can enter sales orders quickly and submit them for manufacturing with one click