Fast and efficient communication with your customers

The online Customer Portal is a bridge to your back-office jewelry software, allowing the users
to place orders online and follow the progress of their orders in real-time.

The bridge between your customers and your back-end jewelry manufacturing software

Speed up the production process by allowing your customers access to their data online.

The PIRO Fusion Customer Portal allows your customers to log in, submit price quotes, place catalogue orders, view order statuses and estimated delivery dates, pay online and more.

  • Allow Customer Portal access from PIRO Fusion: you can select which of your customers get access to the Customer Portal.
  • Those customers who have access can place custom orders by uploading design files or get automated volumetric price quotes based on the uploaded design file.
  • Customers can access your catalogue (of, if you are a contract manufacturer, their own catalogues) to order from; they can also customize styles by selecting metals, diamonds, and other options and submit orders or price quotes online, all without any intervention from you
  • The online catalogue structure and categories are customizable to your preference
  • Your customers can pay online for orders either before or after delivery of the finished goods.
  • Your customers can view how much inventory they have consigned with you (i.e. how much metal or diamonds they gave you to work from) and the usage of that inventory.
  • You can use the Customer Portal as a fully functional website; we can customize the layout and design for you so that it fits your overall branding and catalogues.
  • The Customer Portal can be integrated with already existing websites based on most web technologies.