Cloud based jewelry inventory management with Purchase Order automation

To keep the right amount of jewelry inventory supplies on stock, PIRO Fusion can automatically generate
purchase orders whenever your inventory is running low.

Purchasing and supply management for a lean jewelry inventory.

PIRO Fusion can create Purchase Orders to your vendors automatically whenever materials or supplies are needed.

Since PIRO Fusion has all the information needed to calculate your inventory needs, it can order items just when you need them, thereby providing for a lean, “just-in-time” inventory-driven manufacturing process.

  • PIRO Fusion can estimate your inventory needs based on your current sales orders, job orders and approved price quotes
  • Automated purchasing: based on the inventory needs and reorder levels set, it can generate Purchase Orders to your vendors and send them out either after you approve them or automatically.
  • Supply receiving: when purchased items arrive, you can track the contents of the package by taking images of the incoming items
  • Receipt of Goods: PIRO Fusion can track the received items and components which have been ordered from other vendors. Know exactly what you received, from whom, in what quantity and at what price. The received items are also automatically added to the inventory.
  • Restock items – by setting up the minimum, maximum and reorder quantities on Item group or Item type level, you can make sure that you don’t run out of certain raw materials, and make sure that you always have enough on stock of your best-selling items. Navigate to the ‘Restock items’ tab and filter the items that are below the minimum quantity. Generating POs from here is easy-peasy. 
  • Required items on Job Orders is a unique feature that allows you to create POs based on active Job Orders. Just select the Job Order(s) and order any of the items or components that the JO requires. From here, you can easily place a stone, mounting, or a complete style (if the item is not manufactured in-house) on a PO.
  • Email, print, or export – choose the best method for submitting the POs to your vendors. Emailing is the fastest method, but you can print individual or multiple POs with two clicks or export the complete PO list into an Excel sheet.
  • Multicurrency on POs – if you order items from abroad and get invoices in a foreign currency, you can choose to enter the prices and costs in a different currency. You can set a default foreign currency for each vendor. PIRO Fusion can automatically fetch the actual currency exchange rates and calculate the right price, whether you enter the price in your vendor’s currency or in the system’s currency.