Manage your sales and invoices from the cloud

PIRO Fusion is the cloud-based version of PIRO, provides all the core functionality that PIRO does,
but on an easy-to-use, touchscreen optimized, responsive interface that works on all platforms,
including tablets, phones, Macs and PCs.

Sales and invoicing

PIRO Fusion offers a fast and efficient sales process - you can enter orders from any mobile device while you are on tradeshows or on the road, and submit them online to your shop to start manufacturing them right away.

  • Fully mobile: like all other tools in Fusion, the sales tools are fully mobile optimized and work on most mobile devices
  • Quickly create price quotes and see the prices for the quoted styles in different metals when adding them to the quote; prices are automatically adjusted to market prices and customer contract prices
  • Quote for one style or many styles on the same price quote
  • Print or send price quotes by email with one click.
  • Create sales orders: you can create sales orders for many items at once and email/print the sales order forms to your customer. Sales orders can be submitted to the production team in real time by converting them into manufacturing job orders – PIRO Fusion will then automatically set the workflows and create the job orders for each item ordered
  • Once the items have been finished and shipped, the sales order is automatically closed and invoices are generated and sent to the customer. This process can speed up tremendously the placement and fulfillment of customer orders, as well as track each individual piece manufactured, from order to delivery.
  • Enter and track customer credits and refunds and apply existing credits to purchases
  • PIRO Fusion can generate invoices for individual job orders or it can automatically aggregate your job orders and invoice them at once.
  • Accept payments via credit cards directly from PIRO Fusion.
  • Invoice consigned goods that have been sold with one click
  • Send or download multiple invoices: you can send bulk email messages with invoice attachments from Invoice management. You are also able to bulk-download multiple invoices in one PDF.
  • Applying discounted payment terms: you can set up and apply discounted payment terms. This way you can offer an early payment discount to motivate your customer to pay sooner.
  • Generate customer statements from Invoice management. Customer statements allow you to summarize all the invoices and payments for a customer between two dates. You can generate a statement for a specific customer, or for all customers.