Cloud-based software solutions are becoming more popular

PIRO Fusion is the cloud-based version of PIRO, provides all the core functionality that PIRO does,
but on an easy-to-use, touchscreen optimized, responsive interface that works on all platforms,
including tablets, phones, Macs and PCs.

Cloud-based equals low costs and full compatibility

PIRO Fusion is the most affordable cloud-based jewelry management solution on the market in terms of price per functionalities - recommended for small and medium-sized, growing companies.

PIRO Fusion gives you many advantages that other existing software packages on the market simply do not. Here are a few facts to consider:

  • Cloud-based software - there is no need for costly infrastructure or servers, just sign up and start using it
  • Simplicity and flexibility - PIRO Fusion is designed to fit your business processes. With a simple wizard-based guide you can set up the system in the way you operate your business
  • Full compatibility - PIRO Fusion is compatible with all modern browser-enabled devices, including tablets & phones (all Apple, Android and Windows devices), Macs and PCs
  • Subscription-based pricing - a subscription-based pricing model provides businesses with limited resources the opportunity to use our powerful software at an affordable cost
  • Quick return on investment - PIRO Fusion offers significant time savings, organized inventory, simplified production tracking, easy customer management and mobility
  • Risk-free trial - we guarantee a 14-day trial period to test-drive the software