Use PIRO Fusion as a timekeeping system for jewelers

With the built in timekeeping system you are not only able to track the employee time clock,
but you can follow what they are working on and generate detailed activity reports.

Timekeeping app

The Timekeeping app is a separate module that can be added and connected to PIRO Fusion as an additional order management layer.

This is a web-based module, so there is no need to download it from App Store or Google Play; once the module is activated on your account, it will be accessible for your users (jewelers) through your unique Fusion web link.

Timekeeping users represent a special user group in Fusion with a specific view and action roles:

  • 'Manage jobs' screen: this is a management screen where the user allocation happens with a simple drag and drop.
  • Manager actions: assign jobs to users, activity pre-assignment, reject jobs, add job memos, add items to jobs, insert a service to a job workflow, route the job to the next service, delete jobs, job filtering, see the user workload.
  • 'My jobs' screen: the Timekeeping user (jeweler) would see only the jobs that are assigned to him/her.
  • Timekeeping user job actions: see the job details, select and start an activity, pause and continue an activity, add job memo, enter item weights, route the job to the next service, send the job back to the manager.
  • Timekeeping user non-job actions: clock-in, clock out, take a launch break, or other non-job actions like meetings.

The app comes with configurable activity types and with a time tracking tool: you will not only see how much time your jewelers worked a day, but you can get a detailed report on how much time they spent working on a specific job or piece. 

[PIRO Fusion Add-on] Timekeeping management

By purchasing Timekeeping user licenses, users in production would be able to manage the orders you assign to them. You can have an overview of their activity, their workload, and more.

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