PIRO Retail - the jewelry POS that is more than just a sales tool

Current POS and inventory systems are not equipped to fulfill the needs of these
retailer-manufacturers or manufacturer-owned retail stores - however
our PIRO Retail platform is more than ready to do that.

What is a "back-office" application?

A back-office (or back-end) application is used indirectly to support front-end services. In PIRO Retail, the back-office refers to a system where jewelry styles (components, variants, prices) are set up and managed, including the inventory configuration, order management, user handling, etc. With this tool, managers can determine what the POS application users are able to see, do and change.

If you need a complex back-end solution (e.g. you handle both retail and manufacturing activities), PIRO or PIRO Fusion can be used as a back-office software for your POS system. One of the main advantages is that you can connect your e-commerce website to your back-end system and manage your orders from a single place. Thus, what you'll get is a truly integrated and centralized solution, storing the front-end, back-end and e-commerce data in one system.

General settings

The following general settings are available in this module:

  • Sales taxes - define sales taxes by state
  • Customer categories - users can quickly add new customer categories and add them to customer profiles​
  • E-commerce integration - avoid selling the same item twice; as the POS and your e-commerce website can be connected to the same back-end, your stock level can be updated in real-time

Inventory management

The following inventory settings are available in this module:

  • Styles - create styles with subitems (components) and variants to allow quick and easy sale and customization
  • Stones - view/search for stones that you hold on your inventory
  • Pricing - pricing for items using costs and markups can be defined at the back-office
  • Multiple locations - PIRO Retail allows you to easily configure and operate the same system from different locations. You can even limit what users from a different location can see, edit or enter.

User management

The following user settings are available in this module:

  • Manage users - allows adding/managing system users
  • Manage roles and staff permissions - allows managing user roles, access levels and permissions