The only jewelry POS for retail manufacturers

Current POS and inventory systems are not equipped to fulfill the needs of these
retailer-manufacturers or manufacturer-owned retail stores - however
our PIRO Retail platform is more than ready to do that.

Digital jewelry catalog: sell customizable jewelry easily

The PIRO Retail Kiosk is a mobile, tablet-oriented digital catalog that allows you to present all your styles, anywhere. You can create your own virtual catalog – either with your finished jewelry or with your styles that you can manufacture – and present it while in the store or on the road. Your sales staff or even your customers can interactively configure styles and submit orders easily, form the tablet directly. The best part is: orders are being uploaded straight to your back-office system in real time, so there is no need to re-enter them.


Benefits and use cases

PIRO Retail Kiosk offers a modern sales toolset with a clean interface and real benefits:

  • Building an excellent buyer experience - unlike traditional POS systems, PIRO Retail Kiosk allows you to establish a closer personal space with your clients. Just walk around in your store or sit in the lobby, you will be able to configure a style, and visually display it, using the Kiosk application
  • Current stock information - Retail catalog is supported with company's inventory information. Sales people (or customers) can check the available stock information at style level. 
  • Instant price quoting - you can customize your styles instantly while the system updates the price accordingly (with updated metal market prices)
  • Creating a wishlist in the catalog - items can be added to a customer specific wishlist so you will have and overview of all the jewelry your customers liked (but eventually didn't buy)
  • Make the sale first, manufacture after - the virtual catalog allows your customers to choose from thousands of styles and have the selected piece manufactured later, eliminating the need of excessive stock of finished items
  • Salespeople getting the most up-to-date catalog in their hands - unlike paper-based catalogs, this tablet-based virtual catalog can be updated regularly and in real-time. Recently introduced a new style? Your salesperson can already see it and offer it to your customers, even when on the road.
  • Enter sales orders on a tradeshow - do it easier than ever.
  • Leave your digital catalog at your retailers' location - let the buyers browse through your inventory directly, without needing a middleman