PIRO Retail - the jewelry POS that is more than just a sales tool

Current POS and inventory systems are not equipped to fulfill the needs of 
retailer-manufacturers or manufacturer-owned retail stores - however
our PIRO Retail platform is ready to do just that!

What is a "front-end" application?

Typically, a front-end application is one which shop users and salespersons interact with directly. PIRO Retail's front-end is an Android tablet application, enabling users to add new jewelry sales and customers and to easily handle various sales related activities. Unlike many traditional POS system, PIRO Retail is a portable system. Regardless of where the sales take place, they are always synced with the back-office system. All you need is an internet connection.

General features

The following general features are available in this module:

  • Dashboard - view today’s sales, total sales, sold items, new customers
  • Registers - open/close register, handle pay-ins & payouts
  • Transactions - show sales-related transactions
  • Print Daily - prints and end-of-day report for the day’s transactions, including items sold, sales, refunds, etc.
  • Lock/Unlock register - locks or unlocks the POS interface
  • Customizable skin - have the look of your POS application branded (colors, logo)
  • 3D view of the pictures - display your items in 3D and amaze your clients
  • PIRO ecosystem (coming soon) is a network of multiple PIRO solutions allowing to connect manufacturing, online sales and store sales into one centralized system

Sales actions

The following sales features are available in this module:

  • New sale - users can quickly enter new sales, add notes and apply discounts to orders; items can also be added by scanning item labels with SKU numbers
  • 360 degree view of the products - show your clients the beauty of your jewelry
  • Style customization - you are able to customize the selected jewelry by its available variants, like metal options, stones, stone sizes etc. Beside the component variants customer can define the available style attributes like engraving text, finger size, etc.
  • Taking pictures - you can also take pictures with your tablet, such as concept drawings, and add them to the order directly
  • Creating custom orders - you can enter custom orders by selecting the components (BOMs), as well as selecting the attributes of each components
  • Wishlist - create and save wishlists for your customers while they are browsing your inventory; wishlist items can be finished pieces or customized items
  • Sale list - view the list of sales and modify them if necessary
  • Hold Sales - put a sale on hold while working on another sale; great for high-traffic retail shops
  • Payments - accept cash and credit card payments; process single or multiple (split) payments quickly and efficiently
  • Refunds - fully or partially refund selected orders
  • Layaways - accept customer deposits or give your customers the flexibility to put items on layaway
  • Repair orders - enter repair orders and track the repair process 
  • Email or print receipts using our Bluetooth printers (printer can be purchased separately)

Customer management

The following CRM features are available in this module:

  • Customer profiles can be easily added and updated
  • Customer wishlists - search for customers to find out what they were browsing for in your store and to see their wishlists​
  • Conversion tools - convert wishlists to sales and vice versa to make sure you maximize the value of your customers' visits

Inventory management

The following inventory management features are available in this module:

  • Item search - search your entire inventory for styles or specific items
  • Inventory summary/current stock information - sales people and customers can check the available stock information at style level or location level

Administrative tools

The following admin settings are available in this module:

  • Receipt format - allows setting the receipt numbering format
  • Tax setting - allows setting tax percentages
  • Layaway deposit payments - set the deposit payment percentage for layaways
  • Inventory location - set the inventory location for the current register
  • PIN & user credentials - PIRO Retail supports the PIN and credential based access, app lock or features lock