Integrated 3D printer management

  • All the uploaded and sliced files can be stored in a central location, automatically organized by customer and job
  • 3D printing just become easier with SolidPIRO - the user can see all the jobs that are waiting to be printed, select the ones to be printed, create and slice the platform and send the sliced file to the printer – all this using a simple, four-step process and without having to leave PIRO.
  • SolidPIRO users can estimate the time needed to print platform files
  • Files are automatically arranged on the platform in an ideal way that ensures the fastest printing time
  • When the slicing is done users can choose from the available printers that are connected to your network. If a printer is currently in use, SolidPIRO will estimate when the printer will be ready to be used.
  • Users can track all the finished 3D printing jobs or jobs currently in progress