Our latest developement: Data Import Tool

Based on our experience, when the time comes to implement a new jewelry ERP software or management system, it's always a big issue how to transfer data from an old system. Moving all the important files from an old system to PIRO may sound like just one more hassle.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be hard at all.

We at PIRO now provide a built-in data import tool to transfer sales orders, job orders, customers, inventory, styles and other item types from an old software to PIRO.

This data import tool brings our customers a couple of practical benefits, such as:

  • speeding up PIRO implementation by easily transferring data from your old system to PIRO
  • saving you money by allowing you to do the data import yourself; you don’t have to pay us or a third party for the time spent with data cleaning and migration
  • easy and quick import of any type of data during every-day operation (i.e. importing data from Excel sheets received from your customers or vendors)
  • organized data migration; avoiding data loss

We created this tool as part of our overall effort to make PIRO as user friendly as possible. Now PIRO can make your business processes even more efficient!

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