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PIRO Breeze

This tool is an easy-to-configure system for companies that don’t require a complex setup. Upgradable to PIRO Fusion.

  • Simplified version of PIRO Fusion
  • Up to 20 order items per month
  • Free of charge
  • Unlimited users and workstations
  • Setup and training - $150/h
  • Cloud-hosted by PIRO


Base subscription price:


Configure your purchase the way you need Users, Add-ons, Services and more:

Final price:

PIRO Breeze is the lightweight version of PIRO Fusion, hosted in the cloud so all server maintanance fees are on us. PIRO Breeze offers the core functionalities for your business with simplified setup. If you need more advanced features down the road we can easly upgrade it to PIRO Fusion.

Additional information

  1. Credit card is required for user validation purposes - no worries, your card won't be charged
  2. Although PIRO Breeze  includes a wizard based setup tool to help you to configure and use the system, we offer configuration and training packages to provide you with the knowledge and training necessary to fully utilize your PIRO Breeze solution.
  3. No high demands for expensive hardware can help you minimize your costs. Breeze also comes with 50 GB of free storage to save your important data.
  4. PIRO Breeze comes with 1 hour free consultation, but with Knowledge Base support only. If you need long term support, please upgrade to PIRO Fusion and subscribe to a Service Level Agreement