PIRO Enterprise one time license

This jewelry software license is geared for mid-size and large companies, this is the most advanced jewelry management system on the market.

  • Windows version
  • Self hosted from server
  • Includes 10 users
  • Additional user - $1995/user
  • Setup and training (online) - $195/hour


One time purchase price:


Configure your purchase the way you need Users, Add-ons, Services and more:

Final price:

PIRO Enterprise license is ideal for large enterprises with more than 10 users.

Additional information

  1. We offer training packages to provide you with the knowledge and training necessary to fully utilize your PIRO solution. We provide training in 8-hour packages with the option to refund the unused training hours.
  2. The installation and configuration is highly recommended to be done by one of our specialist. The average configuration hours is 32 hours per installation for large enterprises, and configuration hours are available in 8-hour packages with the refund option of the unused hours.
  3. Hardware components can be bought together with this license. They are configured to work as soon as you connect it with a workstation that has PIRO installed. For more advice, contact our implementation specialist.
  4. Add-ons such as QuickBooks Bridge, Customer Portal, Rapnet integration etc. are aimed to facilitate certain phases of your business operation, saving you time and achieving better customer satisfaction.
  5. Service level agreements (SLAs) must be purchased separately from the Shop.