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Discover the “PIRO difference” and
thrive even in these challenging times.


PIRO is a jewelry management software
for companies who dream big.

Do you want to develop your jewelry business to...

  •    reduce costs while maximizing customer satisfaction

  •    save time and eliminate production errors

  •    unlock your growth potential

All of these are possible with the “PIRO difference”… and more. Many, many more.

(Only 10 seats available this month. Please keep in mind that these are highly personalized sessions.)

Are you ready to not only survive the
“great COVID economic purge”…
…but to thrive in it?

In good economic times developing your business is nice… and eventually necessary. You may delay buying new software, because the cash-flow is strong, the orders are flooding in and your colleagues’ optimism and motivation are at record highs.

And then COVID happened.

In bad times development is one of the few management decisions that could keep you afloat by saving time, money, and customers.

  •    “How can I achieve more growth with a smaller staff?”

  •    “Can I save more work hours by automating back-office tasks, invoicing, job tracking etc.?”

  •    “Should I launch an e-commerce store to diversify my sales channels?”

Companies that survive the “economic purge” will come back stronger and more agile than ever. Prepare for a more cut-throat business environment… and optimize your management processes with modern software.

Automate tasks and let PIRO do the heavy lifting
of administration – and win the next decade

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Nobody likes paperwork, but it’s a necessity.

The real problem arises when inefficient systems, outdated software and the back-office chaos start to choke your growth – and it’s hard to notice until it’s too late. You may think it’s “business as usual”, but behind the corner there’s a new competitor whose processes are lightning fast… who puts up a more customer friendly store… who automated everything (and saved many work hours)…

These competitors can run circles around you just because they are leaner, faster and more agile.

The future belongs to these jewelers
– and PIRO helps you to be one of them.

Here at PIRO the “cloud-based ERP for the jewelry industry” means
“the better version of your company”

You’re prepared for growth
(and you are growing)

If your inventory is always up to date, you have a clean dashboard telling you the status of the company and you can track your orders easily, then you can handle more orders and more growth.

implementation min
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You don’t lose customers because of a “messy” back-office

When you wrestle with old technology, your front-end quality ultimately suffers – once implemented PIRO is easy to use and helps you see the alarms before they become problems. For example, you won’t miss deadlines because PIRO helps you see when a job pipeline is getting overwhelmed – and you’ll have time to act..

You save time (and therefore money)

None of your colleagues have to spend their worktime trying to find an info or record the same data twice. Everything runs seamlessly.

You can make better decisions faster

Every managerial level gets the necessary reports (filled with up-to-date data) in a blink of an eye (or a click of a mouse).

You won’t ever have to make a decision “blindly” or wait long days for a report: your confidence grows along with your company.

Finally you can connect all parts of your business into one system

PIRO handles your orders coming from different channels, so tracking, fulfilling, and invoicing is easy. This centralized system communicates with every software you use, so when you update a product, the new info will appear everywhere (saving you both time and headaches caused by errors).

You can strengthen your online presence

PIRO works with the software you work with, handles your online orders (coming in via credit cards) and integrates with your e-commerce platform (Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce etc.). Your data transfer and order fulfillment will be automatic, so you can focus on building your e-commerce store.

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We firmly believe that you should take a look at PIRO, because you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
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(Only 10 seats available this month. Please keep in mind that these are highly personalized sessions.)

Our business model makes the implementation
an almost guaranteed success

Some software vendors may want you to “buy their solution” and their business is based on one-time transactions. This means that you get “some” level of implementation and “some” level of support, then you are good to go.

But are you really good to go?

Implementing any type of software is hard. Really, really hard, because it requires you and your staff to form new working routines.
The solution is that we consider the whole process as business development where PIRO is just one piece of a puzzle.

  We offer you a subscription-based pricing which minimizes your risk (you can cancel any time and you’ll only pay what you use).
It’s in our best interest to make the implementation successful.

  You get a guaranteed quantity and quality of support every month after implementation.
You can contact us anytime, and you’ll be surprised how fast you’ll get an answer that solves your problem.

  Our implementation simplifies even the most complex software logic and helps you better understand your own business.
Try it with requesting a free demo: you’ll get value from it even if you choose a different solution.

Implementing a software is still a big task – but a task we know how to get done as successful (and as frictionless) as possible. In the end your leaner company will be more profitable, and you’ll be proud of your managerial achievement.

Our business model forces us to make you satisfied

PIRO comes with subscription-based pricing. This means we’re always on the same side: if the implementation is more successful… and you’re more satisfied with PIRO… then you’ll make more profits using the software… so you keep your subscription meaning we make more money, too.

On the other hand if you’re not happy for any reason, you can cancel your subscription any time and you’ve only paid after your actual usage – so you won’t sit there with an unused software that cost a fortune upfront.

This win-win scenario gives you an extra level of guarantee.

These fantastic companies all started with a demo too:

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We firmly believe that you should take a look at PIRO, because you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
Enter your e-mail below in the form and we’ll reach out to you shortly.

(Only 10 seats available this month. Please keep in mind that these are highly personalized sessions.)

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