Zero Porosity Casting

Zero Porosity Casting, USA

"Prior to purchasing and implementing PIRO at Zero Porosity Casting, for years we ran an entirely manual process for tracking jewelry production.

We came to the realization that we needed a better way to integrate all of our workflow processes through automation to enhance visibility and improve efficiency. 

With this jewelry manufacturing software, we are now able to process more manufacturing jobs and complete more orders faster and on-time. We also are able to track and analyze more accurate data to make better company decisions. This has helped scale our business, increase our client base, and improve customer retention. 

I can honestly say the PIRO support team has always offered me prompt and reliable customer service. The team members are always available whenever we need assistance and respond to us in a timely manner. To me, this is one of the most important factors in selecting a software provider. We manufacture jewelry and need to feel confident that we can always rely on our software company because our entire production process is dependent on it. The whole staff at PIRO is completely devoted to supporting all of their clients so I will never have to worry about any lack of support.

I believe I made the right choice in choosing PIRO and look forward to a long-standing relationship for years to come."

Roger Azizian, CEO