About MindSpark

A brief history of the spark that made PIRO

MindSpark LLC., the company behind the PIRO toolset and team, was founded in late 2007 to serve as the business and legal backbone of a then yet unnamed product aimed to revolutionize the tracking and management of jewelry manufacturing.

The driving ideas for a complete jewelry management software came earlier, from the realization that the jewelry manufacturing industry really lacks an ERP software system that can drive the processing of an order from beginning to the end. There were software packages out there that aimed to do this, but all of them were (and still are) either way to complex and expensive for the average manufacturing shop, or hard to use, requiring many clicks, data entry, search and reporting just to complete a simple order, thus wasting valuable production time.

Observing the manufacturing processes employed in jewelry manufacturing, we came to the realization that there must be a simpler way to do this - and surely, after doing our research on the existing systems and talking to industry representatives, we found the holy trinity of functions that would be condensed into our software: visual presentation, ease of use, and flexibility.

With these three concepts as pillars we started working on this application and we called it PIRO (which is the acronym for Production and Inventory Routing Organizer - which is exactly what our system does).

So in late 2008 we put together a talented team of programmers and project managers, and we started working on the concept - and one year later we had our first alpha version which we took to Best-Cast, Inc., our trusted partner in the endeavor, for user testing and feedback. After another 6 months of retooling and optimizations, the first version was completed.

Throughout the process, we worked with the end-user in mind, always asking the question: is this easy enough to use? How can we improve things?

While we still have a lengthy road ahead of us and many (and we mean, many) new functionalities in mind that we want to add to PIRO, we wanted to get the first version of this jewelry inventory software out to the public so companies can start benefitting from it as soon as possible.

So take a look at all the tools PIRO can provide you with - and also check out our to-do list (these will be implemented in the short term and you will benefit from these upgrades right away, if you decide to use them). 

And most important of all: we are here to help you succeed – if you have any issues, problems, or ideas for improvement.