About PIRO

The story of PIRO (Production and Inventory Routing Organizer) started out from realizing that the jewelry industry lacked an ERP software system that can handle the entire processing of an order from start to finish.

From late 2007 until now, our company has evolved to a sizable, powerful and future-minded team. This talented team consists of more than 50 designers, developers, support staff and management professionals.

Our fast growth is visible in many areas of PIRO, from frequent product launches to quick reaction to customer requests.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the most advanced suite of comprehensive IT solutions and services for the jewelry industry, by combining modern business solutions with intuitive user interfaces, functionality and outstanding support. Our solutions need to save time, reduce errors, increase user productivity, and be flexible enough to work with any type of jewelry company while at the same time keeping up with fast changing technologies and business environments.

Our team has to provide quick service and high quality information to our customers within the shortest possible time frame while making sure that the business environment supports our continuous growth and product/service improvements.

Our Vision

Our vision is a high-tech jewelry industry creating the highest possible value for all participants, from suppliers and manufacturers to customers, by employing state of the art IT solutions and services.

Our evolution and roadmap


Tablet-based timekeeping app


Consolidated shipping implementation

EDI module released

PIRO Breeze launch

PIRO Retail launch Jewelry POS for retail manufacturers

QuickBooks Online integration

SolidPIRO launch - Partnership with SolidScape

PIRO team exceeds 50 members.


We have customers from 6 continents!

Integration with e-commerce platforms, like WooCommerce, Shopify, RevCascade and more

PIRO API v.1 released

Jewelry branding - new professional services launched


PIRO Fusion launched - the cloud based version of PIRO

We now have customers from 5 continents!

PIRO Bit launched - one of the first mobile apps for jewelry manufacturers

New, responsive website and subscription based pricing option


The QuickPIRO Bridge module released

GIA integration module implemented

Our team consists of 30 dedicated people

Customer Portal upgrade and new features (e.g e-commerce shopping cart)


PIRO v.2 released: UI upgrade and new features

Rapnet integration module released

Consignment feature implemented


New pricing features - component and attribute based pricing.

Live market price feeds added for precious metals

The PIRO Portal is released for B2B customers


Sales orders module added to the system.

PIRO team grows to 15 - including support sepcialists, ongoing support service started


Purchasing module finalized.

Official launch of PIRO - PIRO is released to public while being under continuous development


PIRO v.1 is born - the first implementation at a casting company


Alpha version of PIRO (acronym for Production and Inventory Routing Organizer) is available


Foundation of MindSpark LCC, the company behind PIRO