PIRO’s new generation Customer Portal

customer portalThe Customer Portal has become a very important product in our portfolio, so it’s not surprising that in the last one and half years, the majority of our internal development efforts were allocated to this project. As a matter of fact, it wasn’t an entirely new project because the current release is already the 3rd version of it, but truly, the most significant one.


This is why we cannot be your jewelry software vendor

jewelry softwareSome first-time jewelry software buyers are comparing a jewelry software implementation to installing Windows: we just unpack the software, install it, and it works. This is quite a linear process: you get the software that has been developed by Microsoft, and you use it as it is.


“Hiring” a jewelry software to get the job done

business efficiencyCompanies are profit-driven organizations. For them getting the job done is not enough. The job needs to be done quickly and efficiently, otherwise, it hurts profits. But are the employees’ skills the only factors that define how well the job is done?


From the first contact to PIRO implementation: the story of PIRO's sales cycle

PIRO salesWe sat down with our Sales team and followed the journey of how a PIRO prospect reaches the implementation phase. There are different stages and when it comes to decision-making, clients choose different strategies. In this article, we will tell you about how our sales team assists clients at every stage of the project and what we are doing to help them make decisions.


Does PIRO support EDI?

EDI jewelryWhen your company starts collaborating with larger jewelry retail chains, they will probably ask if your ERP supports EDI. But what is EDI, and why could it be critical?

Simply put, EDI is a communication technology that transmits data from one system to another. 


QuickBooks Online integration

qucikbooks for jewelersQuickBooks and its online version are the most popular accounting systems in US, and Canada among jewelers. Our plugin is solving one big question: how to share information between the back-office ERP system and QuickBooks without the less possible manual work?

We invite you to read our blog post if this topic interests you.


Shopify integration – the way to ease your jewelry e-commerce

shopify integrating with jewelry softwareShopify has become one of the most popular e-commerce platform among jewelers. It’s ideal for everyone who needs an easy-to-use backend and doesn’t want an overcomplicated item setup.

Simply put, the PIRO Fusion - Shopify integration enables you to link your online store to your PIRO Fusion instance easily. 


PIRO jewelry software: year-in-review 2021

piro reviewLet’s be honest, most of us thought and hoped that the pandemic would come to an end in 2021 and the jewelry industry would come back to its pre-pandemic state. We proved to be too optimistic, many jewelry shops reported temporary closures during the past year as more and more businesses were migrating to online sales.


Choosing a jewelry software: why features or price should not be the main or the only criteria?

right jewelry softwareJewelry companies are in a difficult position when they are searching for a new management system. It’s not easy to compare different systems from multiple points of view.

The most important aspect of when choosing a jewelry software is not the price and not even the features - and you may disagree with this.