What our customers say

  • Kobelli Fine Jewelry - www.kobelli.com

    "Having an open API was very appealing to us. We were looking for a system with an open API that would allow us to develop connections with e-commerce platforms that our business is using.

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  • AM-CAD - www.velaur.com

    "PIRO has helped us manage our business more efficiently, reduce the number of production and casting errors dramatically, keep better track of company and customer inventory, and improve our production process by alerting us of bottlenecks and signaling where we were losing significant amounts of time and money.

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  • Zero Porosity Casting - www.zpcasting.com

    "Prior to purchasing and implementing PIRO at Zero Porosity Casting, for years we ran an entirely manual process for tracking jewelry production.

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  • Lenrose - www.lenrose.com

    "We have been using PIRO for 4 years now, and it has transformed our business. Information is critical to the success of any business, and having the details of every job easily accessible certainly makes the running of our business that much easier.

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  • Best Cast Inc. - www.best-cast.com

    "Best Cast is a full-service jewelry casting company, providing CAD, prototyping, molding and casting services for over 1700 clients. We have helped the PIRO programming staff develop additional tools and widgets for PIRO.

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  • Pieter Andries Designs - www.pieterandries.com

    "I was looking to improve the tracking and management of the jewelry manufacturing process and to phase out and old system that was not up to the task anymore.

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