Complete jewelry software implementation

jewelry software implementation

Software implementation refers to the process of adopting and integrating a software application into your business workflow. Implementation can be complex, depending on the size of the organization, the products’ complexity or the manufacturing complexity. Therefore, all implementations are unique but there are a couple key steps we can follow.

It’s important to mention that working with a PIRO project manager will significantly speed up the implementation. Our project managers will help you to the best of their abilities to successfully complete the implementation.

This guided implementation will include the following:

  • Business process mapping & needs analysis;
  • Project planning: setting up the implementation milestones;
  • System configuration: product management, inventory, sales management, production management;
  • System customization: coordinating the custom developments if any;
  • Integrations: connecting the PIRO plugins (QuickBooks, Customer Portal, Shopify, GIA, Rapnet, etc.) or custom integration with other requested third-party platforms (tools or websites).

PIRO products were designed to automate many of the jewelers’ operational processes. However, a high level automation can be achieved only if all details are configured in the system properly. This takes time and affects the implementation timeline which can be anywhere between 4-7 months.

Contact our Sales team to get a system walkthrough and arrange a guided implementation with one of our experienced project managers.