3 weeks

User specification phase

Needs Analysis

The implementation starts with the clear understanding of your business model and all operational processes.

Data gathering

Collecting and cleaning the data that needs to be imported to PIRO (with the help of PIRO Import tool).

Process flow to PIRO

Setting up the inventory, workflows and service types, customer profiles, casting module (if necessary) the way the business operates.

2 weeks

System install

System installation

PIRO is being installed on the customer’s server. The server can be bought from us, or provided by the customer.

System configuration/setup

Configuring add-ons such as: QuickBooks, Customer portal, PIRO API, Resource Management System, and others.

Integrations and customizations (if required)

We are open to implement any customization or integration that improves your business management.

4 weeks

System testing phase

Complete system testing

Once the configuration and required integrations are done, our implementation specialist will test the system configuration starting from inventory handling to production process.

User testing

At this stage the users are involved in testing, reporting the bugs to our specialist.

System de-bug

Our developers will de-bug the experienced issues and prepare the system for go-live.

4 weeks

PIRO implementation and evaluation

Implementation and training (staff)

The staff will undergo PIRO training sessions to learn PIRO features and how to use it effectively.

Bug list and de-bug

This second de-bug phase is included to ensure that the go-live is going to be smooth and successful.

System go live and evaluation

After the first few days of the go-live period we sit down business owners, department heads to evaluate the success of PIRO implementation.


Ongoing support

No matter how simple your organization is, your organization and employees will rarely adapt to the new system as easily as you think they will. Therefore, we ensure that users will have enough support through the post-go-live challenges that they will inevitably face.