General questions

A jewelry ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software, such as PIRO, is specialized for the jewelry industry and it enables planning, tracking, efficiently utilizing all the resources of a jewelry company; it aims to increase productivity and profit by simplifying the company’s business processes.

Although it is generally called a software, we at MindSpark prefer to refer to PIRO as a concept that is introduced to integrate all the business activities and departments to one place. Advantages also include:

  • interoperability of data
  • increased communication
  • increased data reliability through the use of a single, centralized database
  • better service to customers
  • forecasting

The main difference between the two jewelry management systems is that PIRO is an installed program that runs on a Windows-based server, while PIRO Fusion is a cloud-based software that requires no extra hardware to run, only a computer or mobile device with a web browser. PIRO software is installed on a server (including the database), while the workstations can connect to the server via internet or intranet, using a simple PIRO application.

In terms of functionality, PIRO provides much more functionality, and since it runs on your local network and not over the Internet, it is faster too. But, if you need mobility and/or less functionality, PIRO Fusion will give you that advantage as you can easily start using it without costly infrastructure and complicated implementation.

The complete feature comparison chart can be viewed here

PIRO Fusion is our recommended jewelry software for Mac users. Currently, the PIRO Client can only be run on a Windows-based server/computer, while PIRO Fusion is compatible with all modern browser-enabled devices, including tablets & phones (all Apple, Android and Windows devices), Macs and PCs.

PIRO has all the built-in tools to create invoices, credit memos, purchase orders, handle account payables, overpayments, credit card payments. In addition to these, PIRO Client can handle billing and accounting in multiple currencies (this feature is not yet available in PIRO Fusion). Despite all these available features, we don’t consider PIRO a full accounting system. That’s why we integrated our system with QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online, which are widely used accounting systems among jewelry companies in the US.

Yes, PIRO Customer Portal is a great tool to let your clients and contractors create orders in PIRO - without giving them direct access to your PIRO system. The Customer Portal is an online front-end interface and you have full control of who has access to the Portal. The best part is that you can use fully flexible pricing. By this we mean two things:

1. Users will be able to configure styles by selecting different attributes (e.g. ring sizes, diamond attributes), metal variants and the price is recalculated automatically;

2. The final pricing for the same style can be different according to the customer configuration in PIRO (e.g. different markups can be applied for customers, retailer clients or wholesaler clients).

Our office is located in New York City. Regardless of our geolocation, the PIRO team deals with customers worldwide, including implementation and support.

Currently, PIRO supports English and Hebrew languages. PIRO Clients may request translations to specific languages and we are open to complete the translation as part of a collaboration with our Clients.

Implementation and support related questions

Purchasing can be done directly through our website, we accept all major credit cards. For more information or other payment arrangements please contact us and we will find the right solution for you.

For customers residing outside the continental US, we typically do remote installation/configuration and training. Since we have clients all over the world, this is something we have a lot of experience in - rest assured, you are in good hands.

The installation can be done off-site (remotely) or on-site (for large projects). This is entirely up to you, we can do both on- and off-site installations, but typically on-site installation/configuration is more expensive as the client is required to cover travel and accommodation costs for our specialists.

The implementation starts with a clear understanding of your business model and all your operational processes. We work directly with the business owners, department heads and staff to collect and document all the relevant information. After the business analysis is done and we have a thorough understanding of your requirements, our implementation specialists will configure and test PIRO to make sure that it meets those requirements.

Based on our experience, the average installation and configuration time varies between 20 and 60 business hours.

Training: we offer training packages to provide you and your staff with the knowledge necessary to fully utilize your PIRO solution.

Our training program (online or on-site) can dramatically shorten the implementation of the system and increase your profitability by unlocking all the capabilities of PIRO.

Recommended training hours: a minimum of 8 hours.

It's important to acknowledge that ERP implementations require large contributions of time and resources, both from vendor's and the client's side.

The PIRO implementation timeline depends on a few factors:

  • business size
  • responsivity of the client
  • amount of time needed for cleaning and transferring data from the previous system
  • required customizations

Based on our experience, implementing PIRO can take anywhere from 3 months to 16 months. It is important to mention that for a seamless and computable implementation regular weekly meetings between our Project managers and the Client's project managers are vital.

You can purchase Service Level Agreements (SLAs) which will provide you with updates, support, etc. For more information about SLAs please visit our Service Level Agreements page.

Below you see our support hours in different regions:

  • North America - 9am-8pm EST
  • Europe - 7am-10pm GMT
  • Africa - 7am-10pm GMT
  • Middle East - 10am-11pm AST
  • Asia - 3pm-9am HKT
  • Australia - 5pm-12pm AEST

For non-business hours appointments please send us an email to - we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Yes, emergency support is possible outside the business hours. Our support plans cover a wide timeframe, but there may be situations when special support is needed, e.g. on weekends or when the client is located in a different time zone. Our support team is available for after-hours or emergency services if written prior notice has been sent to our support department.

Licensing and services

MindSpark LLC offers different licensing structures for PIRO products, ensuring that all types and sizes of jewelry companies can find the right license to suit them best.

The chart below shows you the licensing options for all of our products:


Subscription based licensing is ideal for all sizes of companies as they can subscribe to the service with a low monthly fee. This model allows companies of different sizes to pay a fair fee for the service and pay more only if the business grows.

Companies can choose to sign up for the User-based licensing or Job item-based licensing. The first one takes into consideration the number of users that need to access the system (in some cases it can be a workstation used by more than one employee), while the Job item-based licensing is based on the number of individual items (such as a ring, a pair of earrings, a necklace) the company processes per month. If your company deals with custom jewelry, this type of licensing model might be a better fit for your business.

PIRO Retail is a POS (Point of Sale) system and it is priced per store. This means that unlimited users can have access to the system and unlimited workstations can be set up within one store.

Custom, one-time pricing is available only for the PIRO license. The one-time license fee is based on the Clients’ needs and calculated on a case-by-case basis.

You can install the PIRO Client on any number of workstations, as long as they are connected to the same PIRO server (the license is issued for the server, not for the workstations).

PIRO Fusion is cloud-based and requires no installation. You can access it from any device that has internet access and is capable of running a compatible web browser.

The number of available users depends on the licensing structure you choose. Our user-based licensing allows simultaneous access only for the number of users that you subscribed for.

On the other hand, our job item-based licensing gives you the freedom of creating an unlimited number of users. This means that you can create as many users as you need and they can log in to PIRO or PIRO Fusion at any time. Furthermore, you will be able to track all user activity in the system, including system login times for each user.

Yes, you can. If you didn’t buy a needed add-on as part of your PIRO license purchase, you can purchase these later at your convenience from our PIRO Shop.

You can sign up for a 14-day trial to test-drive all the jewelry management functionalities of PIRO Fusion.

When subscribing, you will be asked to enter valid credit card information. Your card will not be charged when you sign up. You will be notified via email before your trial period ends, and if you choose to keep your subscription, you will automatically be billed for each month you use PIRO Fusion.

You can cancel your subscription at any time during the trial period, but after your account is activated (i.e. after the first bill) you will be billed for each 14-day period. The automated billing will be stopped at the next billing period after we receive your cancellation notice.

Your satisfaction is important to us.

For PIRO one-time licenses we provide a 90-day money-back guarantee. If PIRO does not meet your expectations, within the first 90 days of the installation and training, the full license cost will be refunded. Training and configuration costs are non-refundable. Hardware costs are refundable if the items are returned within the return period (typically 30 calendar days after the purchase).

PIRO subscription licenses (including Fusion) can be cancelled as well. Please note that subscriptions are stopped at the next billing date after your cancellation notice is received.

In addition to the license fee, there are certain costs involved with PIRO implementation. These costs can be divided into three main categories:

1. system configuration and training costs

2. change requests (you may ask for system customization or new features)

3. hardware fees (barcode scanners, label printers, scales, server, etc.).

Some of these costs are specified in the proposal you receive from us at the beginning of the project, while others (mainly change requests - or CRs) are being evaluated on a case by case basis and priced according to the work/consulting efforts needed.

PIRO offers the customization of most printable reports. The three main reports (Job Envelope, Invoice, and Sales Order or Price Quote reports) are part of the initial setup at no additional charge, while other report customizations will be considered as change requests and will be handled on a case by case basis.

PIRO Retail is a front-end tablet application for salespeople and is 100% compatible with both PIRO Client and PIRO Fusion. That means your data can be easily transferred to your back-office system via API. If your back-office system is hosted on-premise, PIRO Retail can connect via intranet or a VPN, while in cases of cloud hosting (PIRO Fusion) the API uses a secured internet connection. Our technicians will set it up for you.

PIRO is a Windows-based solution, and as such, it needs to be hosted on a server with specific requirements. You can do the hosting yourself, setting up a server at your own location, or you can use our private cloud hosting service and access PIRO remotely. This service is available for a small service cost, charged per user. In this context, a user means a Windows-based user that can connect to the cloud server using Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) (this depends on the number of simultaneously open connections you wish to have to the PIRO server).

Using this service will allow you to save all the server maintenance fees and other related costs. This service can come very much in handy, especially if you don’t have a tech person in charge of IT at your company.

Optionally, we can help you set up an account at AWS (Amazon Cloud Services), although the costs of AWS are significantly higher.

First of all, SolidPIRO is only compatible with the PIRO Client (PIRO Fusion is excluded). This tool allows you to manage your 3D printing processes by connecting your Solidscape printers to the network. It makes your 3D printing process more manageable and transparent, while a special customer portal has been developed, allowing your customers to submit STL files directly to PIRO, as well as getting instant price estimations for the submitted files.

Upgrading systems

Yes, you can. Because PIRO is the installed version of the software, you would need to have your own server where PIRO Client is being installed (in case you don’t want to set up your own server, we can host it from our private cloud for a monthly cloud-hosting fee). We ensure that your PIRO Fusion database is migrated accordingly without any data loss to PIRO Client, once the operational environment has been set.

Yes, you can. It is possible to use our system as a “hybrid” solution, which means that some features of the software (e.g. sales, invoicing, etc.) can be accessed through the online version, in case mobility is an important factor to some employees, or if some workstations are Macs at your company. Please contact us for more details.


Yes, you can have your Shopify site integrated with PIRO. Although Shopify is only one of the e-commerce integrations we offer, we can confirm that Shopify has become one of the best alternatives to quickly build and launch an e-commerce website. It is easy to use, mobile friendly and you can create your own theme if there are no satisfactory templates available.

Our Shopify plugin allows automatic bi-directional data transfer between PIRO and your Shopify store, thus you can fulfil orders and update your Shopify prices and inventory automatically.

Yes, we can. As the jewelry e-commerce steadily grows, we focus more on integrating our systems with online platforms. It’s a challenging task as the online platforms offer different ways of connecting, but so far we have connected our system with the following platforms: Shopify (API/XML), Etsy (API/JSON), WooCommerce (API/JSON), Magento (EDI), SolidCommerce (API/XML), Revcascade (API/XML). If your website is built on a different platform than the ones listed here, you may contact us for estimation of the integration cost for you.

Yes, it does. Although API is the newer technology, some large retail chains still use EDI (e.g. Signet Jewelers). This module can automate the exchange of documents such as orders, purchase orders and invoices with other systems or platforms, using standardized EDI formats (X12 or XML) and document types (850, 855, 860, 856, 810, 852 etc.). Automated or manual inbound and outbound workflows can be set up through sFTP connection, making the data exchange process seamless.

Data migration

Data migration from a legacy software can be done in two different ways:

  • by using our dedicated Import tool to ease the migration process, you can even do the migration yourself
  • if you have difficulties exporting, transforming your old data, our team can help you with the process

The following types of data can be imported/migrated into PIRO using our Import tool: customers, vendors, item types (with pictures), inventory items, job orders, sales orders, and purchase orders. In order to organize your data into the right data structure, we provide you with import sheet templates (.xlsx). If the import sheets are filled in, bulk data can be easily migrated to PIRO with the above-mentiuoned Import tool.

Integrating the Import tool is an ongoing development for our PIRO Fusion platform. Until the final version of this functionality is released, our team is will do the data import on your behalf.