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When you need a dependable team

Our services portfolio includes diverse range of services from PIRO implementation
to training and web development.

Why do you need a support plan?

  • To ensure that your company receives fast support when a problem occurs, without risking your everyday operation
  • To get access to our customer support center
  • To get software updates for new features and bug fixes
  • To be able to request software customizations (change requests) 

Service Level Agreements

The services we provide are formally defined through the Service Level Agreements (SLAs). An SLA includes the level of service we provide to you, and contains additional information such as:

When the service is available and the control limits for outages.
The punctuality of services to be performed in response to requests and scheduled service dates.
Mutual responsibilities
Mutual responsibilities
Mutual responsibilities
Procedures for reporting and resolving problems
Procedures for reporting and resolving problems.

SLA options are defined in the PIRO agreement and the Client will receive the detailed SLA documentation upon subscribing to the service.