Software training – shortening the learning curve

jewelry software training

Like every complex system, PIRO or PIRO Fusion also requires some training before users start using it live. Taking into consideration that different users need different level of training, our training program consists of the following options:

  • Admin user training: typically, the client project manager is the first person who gets comprehensive system training during the implementation process
  • Key users training: in every organization, there are key users, typically department leads who need a general overall knowledge of the system, but requiring a more in-depth training only in their own area of expertise.
  • Users with limited system access: most users will require training to perform only certain tasks within PIRO. For example: converting Sales Orders and handling the invoices or routing Job Orders and entering item weights. These are simple actions for which the training can be done also by the above-mentioned admin user or key users
  • If there are multiple users with the same roles, PIRO’s project manager can arrange separate training sessions for them: sessions for sales people, sessions for casters or sessions for diamond setters etc.
  • Knowledgebase and built-in help tools: both PIRO and PIRO Fusion have their own Knowledge Center where users can look up certain processes and system behaviors. At the same time, many of the settings and terms in Fusion are labeled with additional, easy-to-reach notes, that can also shorten the learning curve
  • Additional training documentation: our team can create personalized training documentations that are based on your special configuration. Since this would be a highly personalized work, it would not be part of the basic training package (it would cost extra).

Training details and the level of training needed will be discussed during the project setup phase.