As a jewelry business leader, you don’t have to be a technology geek

jewelry business

Technology innovations of all kinds are emerging year by year. We can see most of the new equipment when visiting jewelry tradeshows regularly. Many of you are already using some of these types of equipment in-house and have experienced how it works. You can even compare the levels of innovation they bring.

But do you have the same confidence when software innovations come your way? There are all sorts of tools that matter:

  • ERP software (POS, inventory management, production management, purchasing, etc.)
  • Design software: Rhino or Matrix, but are you ready for AI-driven designer tools?
  • Marketing and sales tools: creating a universal sales experience and accurate marketing reach
  • Online sales tools: website, SEO, social media selling, virtual try-ons, online custom jewelry configurators, headless commerce online strategy
  • Customer service tools: fast and automated service, omnichannel customer experience

If you don’t have a technology background, your chances of understanding how all these tools work are low. And why would you? You are in the jewelry business, not the IT business.

jewelry business

Luckily, there are teams out there who can fill this gap. Jewelry consultants can bring knowledge you otherwise don’t have into your business. Often, these consultants take a holistic approach, not just helping you select and implement an ERP but also including strategies to enhance your online sales, marketing, and customer service.

Growth strategy – that’s what you need.

Of course, software innovations can be implemented in pieces. However, what should be avoided is having several fantastic but disjointed tools. Do you have a fantastic website but manually update the products and manually input the orders into the professional back-office system?

Burning money on human labor is not a smart growth strategy.

A growth strategy will clearly define how your jewelry business should operate now and in five years. Imagine an organized, growth-ready company with connected tools, high efficiency, and a professional online presence.

Consultants will have a bird's-eye view of your company's processes. They will suggest what to change and how to innovate smartly. They will also participate in the implementation process, saving you from most headaches.

Where can you find such jewelry consultants and growth strategy experts?

jewelry businessYou can search for consultants online or use your jewelry business network to find one.

Alternatively, you can find such consultants through PIRO. Our recent initiative was to start collaborating with a few selected consultants who can not only recommend PIRO to their clients - if they see it fit - but also help them integrate it into the big picture in the right way.

Just like with everything, one size does not fit all. Depending on your company size, you may need a different growth strategy. If you ask for our recommendation, here are two candidates:

  • StrategyWerx, led by Andrea Hill - a veteran in the jewelry industry, she and her team focus on midsize to large jewelry companies.
  • Jewelers Advantage – Richard and Jesse help smaller jewelry brands grow into $1 million revenue businesses.

Both are technology agnostic, and our partnership with them helps them understand how PIRO can fit into companies' growth strategies and utilize PIRO’s capabilities in the most efficient way.

If you are ready for a technological leapfrog (an innovation that goes beyond the next obvious incremental steps and skips a whole phase of change) and are looking for partners to implement it successfully, let us connect you with StrategyWerx or Jewelers Advantage.

Schedule an Initial Needs Assessment call with us to understand your requirements better.