How to sign up for PIRO Fusion

In this video we would like to demonstrate how to sign up for a PIRO Fusion trial and how to manage your subscription through PIRO website.

User-based PIRO Fusion plan

User-based plan

Job item-based PIRO Fusion plan

Silver plan
$349.00/month - 250 job items included
Gold plan
$649.00/month - 1000 job items included
Platinum plan
$999.00/month - 2500 job items included

What does the item limitation means?

An order item is an item that goes through the production or sales process in the PIRO Fusion, such as a ring, a pair of earrings, a necklace, etc.

Example: If your Silver subscription plan includes the processing of 250 job items and in the first month you process a total of 260 items, your next bill will include the $349 base price and an additional $20 for the 10 extra processed items at the rate of $2.00/additional order item.

Unlimited users and workstations: All pricing plans come with an unlimited number of PIRO Fusion users and unlimited workstations. Subscription plans are billed 1 month in advance. After reaching the monthly order item limit included in each plan, additional order items (Sales Order items and/or Job Order items) will be automatically added to your next bill on top of your base subscription plan fee, at the rates defined by your active subscription plan.