Choosing a jewelry software: why features or price should not be the main or the only criteria?

right jewelry softwareJewelry companies are in a difficult position when they are searching for a new management system. It’s not easy to compare different systems from multiple points of view.

The most important aspect of when choosing a jewelry software is not the price and not even the features - and you may disagree with this.


Covid-19: Stay home, stay closed but still improve

jewelry software benefitsCoronavirus will undoubtedly shake the jewelry industry, at least as much as it did in most other global industries. We can envision the possible future if we follow what happened in China - as reported, the Chinese luxury industry experienced 70% or even 80% fall in traffic after the coronavirus outbreak there.


How jewelry casting companies can work smarter? (infographic)

jewelry castingIn the last few decades, the competition between jewelry casting companies has intensified. The more inventive ones have purchased the latest technologies, the best machinery and the latest 3D printers. But are these the only things that differentiate a reputable casting company from the others?


[Vlog] A guide to calculating ROI in case of a jewelry software

ROI in case of a jewelry softwareThe question I will try to answer in this post is: how long does it take for software investments, and in particular investments into business software, to pay themselves back? And how will this payback happen and how do we know whether an investment in an ERP software system was or will be the right thing to do?


How to take part of the jewelry branding revolution

Jewelry branding Tiffany blue boxHow can smaller jewelry retailers and manufacturers stand out from the crowd and grab market share on the branded jewelry market? The value of jewelry branding is increasingly important; the branded jewelry segment has doubled since 2003. It is expected to comprise 30 to 40 percent of the fine jewelry market by 2020 – there is certainly enough room for more jewelry brands. The next few years could mark a revolutionary age for jewelry brands.


Jewelry ERP – how fast will you achieve the Return on Investment (ROI)?


Jewelry software ROISoftware implementation researches showed that price is amongst the top five deciding factors when companies choose an ERP software (it's the number 1 factor in the case of first-time buyers and number 5 for second-time buyers). That's completely understandable as companies are worried about the ROI.

But what the ROI means when implementing an advanced jewelry ERP software?