Jewelry software for manufacturing, wholesale and retail companies

A fully centralized jewelry ERP that combines the management of manufacturing, inventory, retail and online sales, and shipping.
Our modern and user friendly interface requires minimal training - and provides maximum results.
PIRO is integrated with WooCommerce, Shopify, RevCascade, R2Net, SolidCommerce, VEN and Etsy (more integrations will follow).
A powerful, Android-based jewelry POS system to improve your sales process and sell in an elegant way. Connectable to our ERP.
PIRO's Customer Portal can be your most important bridge to your customers.
Our latest developments: PIRO Fusion (cloud-based jewelry management solution) and SolidPIRO (managing your 3D Printing)
Reliable support when you need it, by phone, email or online chat.

How PIRO makes everyone's life easier

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Die Kunden

Das PIRO Kundenportal ermöglicht einfachen und effizienten Kundenkontakt. Erfolgreiche Schmuckbetrieb baut auf Kundenzufriedenheit, pünktliche Lieferung und verkürzte Lieferzeiten. Kann PIRO Ihnen dabei helfen Ihren Schmuck oder Ihren Service professionell auszuliefern.

Die Kunden

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Die Juweliere

PIRO organisiert automatisch die Bestellungen an Juweliere, sodass diese Ihre Anfragen und spezielle Anforderungen schnell einsehen können und Prioritäten setzen können. Sie müssen technisch nicht versiert sein, da Ihre Nutzeroberflächen intuitiv, farbcodiert sind.

Die Juweliere

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Die Shop-Manager

Mit PIRO können Shop Managern darüber zu erhalten exakte Informationen, welchen genauen Status ein Auftrag hat bzw. welche Arbeitsschritte bis zu Vollendung notwendig sind. PIRO verbessert die insgesamte Qualität der täglichen Operationen und ist dabei behilflich den Shop effektiv und effizient zu führen.

Die Shop-Manager

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Die Inhaber

Einer der größten Nutzen von PIRO ist, dass es den Inhabern einen klaren Überblick über ihren Betrieb verschafft. Indem es das Management zeitlich entlastet, können Betriebsinhaber fokussiert daran arbeiten, die Betriebsstrategie zu verbessern und neue Wege entdecken zu wachsen.

Die Inhaber

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Money-back guarantee

We provide a 90-day money-back guarantee. If PIRO does not meet your expectations within the first 90 days of installation and training the full license cost will be refunded.

Guaranteed maintenance

We release updates frequently to ensure that PIRO offers the most advanced tools for our clients. These upgrades include improvements, fixes, and other innovative features.

No. 1 manufacturing solution

We are confident that PIRO is the no. 1 jewelry manufacturing software on the market. PIRO's innovative jewelry production modules cannot be compared to any other system - it's truly unique.

Enjoy the support of our implementation team

Installation and configuration

To get you started quicker with PIRO, we offer a comprehensive range of services:

Business Analysis - The implementation starts with the clear understanding of your business model and all operational processes.
We work directly with business owners, department heads and staff to collect and document all relevant information.

PIRO implementation - After the business analysis is done and we have a thorough understanding of your requirements, our implementation specialists will configure and test PIRO to make sure that it meets all your needs.

Based on our experience PIRO implementation can take anywhere from 13 weeks to 6 months. Click to see the steps of a successful PIRO implementation in less than 13 weeks.


We offer training packages to provide you with the knowledge and training necessary to fully utilize your jewelry management software.

While you can start using PIRO on your own, our training program can dramatically shorten implementation time and increase your profitability by unlocking all the capabilities of PIRO.


Our entire team, from support staff to developers, is committed to supporting your PIRO installation - we provide on-site, off-site (by remote access over the Internet), phone, e-mail, and online chat support.

You can also access our knowledge base at any time and submit support tickets directly online using our PIRO Support Portal.

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No less, you will also learn what the right process is when implementing a software like PIRO.

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