QuickBooks Online integration

qucikbooks for jewelersQuickBooks and its online version are the most popular accounting systems in US, and Canada among jewelers. Our plugin is solving one big question: how to share information between the back-office ERP system and QuickBooks without the less possible manual work?

We invite you to read our blog post if this topic interests you.


Shopify integration – the way to ease your jewelry e-commerce

shopify integrating with jewelry softwareShopify has become one of the most popular e-commerce platform among jewelers. It’s ideal for everyone who needs an easy-to-use backend and doesn’t want an overcomplicated item setup.

Simply put, the PIRO Fusion - Shopify integration enables you to link your online store to your PIRO Fusion instance easily. 


Why legacy jewelry POS systems are failing to serve the retail sector?

jewelry POS softwareThe US has been historically leading in creating and adapting new technologies – the jewelry retail sector is not much different in this aspect. In the early 2000s, when the first jewelry point-of-sale (POS) systems were launched, technically-minded jewelry retail stores started to use these computerized POS systems instead of paper sheets to track their sales and inventory.


PIRO jewelry software: keeping our eye on the jewelry industry's future

PIRO jewelry softwareWe just came back from the JCK show in Las Vegas. It was interesting to hear the opinions of other exhibitors regarding the future of this and other similar jewelry shows: many of them mentioned that the number of visitors is less and less each year. It is not surprising that several exhibitors started to question their presence on these shows.