Lenrose, Australia

"We have been using PIRO for 4 years now, and it has transformed our business. Information is critical to the success of any business, and having the details of every job easily accessible certainly makes the running of our business that much easier.

All production aspects of our business are handled within PIRO, in particular, the progress of jobs through the factory and their invoicing. Staff are able to track each job easily without having to physically run around searching, and clients are impressed by the professional manner in which job tickets are presented and invoices generated to include all pricing details.

In short, this jewelry business software has helped us to present a more professional service to our clients by eliminating errors and providing clear and concise information about their jobs and their progress through the system. It also enables us to easily recall job information, manage our supplies, and once again eliminate confusions. Critically, PIRO has also saved us money by vastly reducing overhead labour costs and errors.

We simply love this jewelry software and could not manage without it!"

David Gabriel, Director

Lenrose is a contract casting house located in Melbourne, Australia. They provide a full range of casting services to the jewellery trade, including CAD/CAM, moulding and of course casting.