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PIRO Breeze License
This tool is an easy-to-configure cloud-based system for companies that don’t require a complex setup. Upgradable to PIRO Fusion.
Monthly subscription price
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  • Lightweight version of Fusion
  • Cloud-hosted by PIRO
  • Low monthly fee
  • Additional user $45/month
  • Setup and training $150/h
  • SLA Breeze - $45/month
Fusion Cloud License
Cloud-based toolset for small and mid-size jewelry businesses and users on the go. Powerful ERP at a low starting cost.
Monthly subscription price
Start a 30-day free trial
  • Web version of PIRO
  • Cloud-hosted by PIRO
  • Monthly billing
  • Additional user $125/month
  • Setup and training $150/h
  • SLA Fusion - $100/month
Enterprise License
Geared for mid-size and large companies, this is the most advanced jewelry management system on the market.
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  • Windows-based
  • Minimum 5 users
  • Custom pricing
  • No feature limitation
  • Setup and training $175/h
  • SLA Basic - $225/month

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  • PIRO
Compare all features PIRO BreezePIRO FusionPIRO
Jewelry inventory management
General inventory
Customer inventory
Images for inventory items
Item history
Automatic SKU generation
Metal inventory
Item groups management
Item types management
Component-based jewelry pricing
Attribute-based jewelry pricing
Item type based routing
Sub-item management
Allow variants
Allow custom markups for subitems
Allow copying item types
Metal type management
Metal calculator
Metal inventory mixing
Metal and diamond pricing
Metal market pricing
Rapnet pricing
Item price management
Purchasing and Receiving management
Accounts Payable
Consignment management
Inventory locations
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Jewelry manufacturing
Job service queue
Different view modes
Job orders management
Casting tree management
Metal manager
Shipping label management
Timekeeping monitoring
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Jewelry sales and accounting
Price quotes management
Invoice management
Credit card payments
Installment payments
Customer credits
Sales order management
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Customer Relationship Management
Customer list
Customer ratings
Customer management
Customer groups
Customer category management
Vendor management
Vendor category management
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Security management
User management
Group and role management
User category management
User log history
Security settings
Administration features
Service type and workflow management
Attribute-based routing
Auto-notifications and reports
Automatic warnings
Different timing methods
Inventory settings
On hold locations
Reviewable attributes
Split rules
Work areas
Shipping methods management
Label lists management
Auto email management
Service tools management
Miscellaneous settings
Activities management
Maintenance tools
Product category management
Import tool
All features »
View reports
Report and group management
Scheduled reports
SolidPIRO modules
SolidPIRO Customer Portal
3D Printer management
Automated slicing
Printing platform management
Storage management
Notification management

PIRO add-on modules

The QuickPIRO Bridge maps your PIRO entries (customers, invoices, consignments, transactions, etc.) to QuickBooks in real-time, saving significant time by eliminating double-entry of data.
No more calls from your clients asking about the progress of their orders! Give your clients 24/7 access, providing them with real-time progress reports and allowing them to see, download and pay their invoices, view order history, and much more. Also includes online ordering features such as catalogue and shopping cart. The looks of the Customer Portal can be customized (skinned) to your preference or integrated into your existing website.
Jewerlry software e-commerce

Seamless integration: automatic bi-directional data transfer between the back-office PIRO and your E-commerce channels will allow you to operate more efficiently as a business by fulfilling jewelry orders automatically. PIRO can integrate with WooCommerce, Shopify, RevCascade, R2Net, and VEN (more to come). E-commerce requests are evaluated on a case-by-case basis as the required integration level might differ.

Contact us for any custom request or more information.

PIRO can automatically retrieve GIA diamond data and certificate, thus speeding up your diamond inventory management. No need for manual entry of diamond attributes anymore, PIRO maps automatically all the corresponding attribute values using the GIA diamond database web service - saving you valuable time.
If your jewelry is priced to current diamond market prices, this is the tool for you. This integration will lift the burden of constantly having to update your prices, and will update the value of your diamond inventory automatically based on current Rapnet market prices, taking into consideration the diamond size, color, cut and clarity.

The PIRO API was built to facilitate the integration with other software and platforms such as external accounting systems, CRMs, webshops and e-commerce sites.

The API allows for fast and seamless integration with any external system via a standard REST interface.

SolidPIRO licenseA workflow-driven platform to manage your entire 3D printing process using Solidscape printers,
and to establish a 24/7 connection with your customers via the Customer Portal (which includes STL file uploading and estimation). This module can be used as a standalone 3D printing management system or as a plugin to your PIRO ERP system.

PIRO hardware selection

dell serverIf you are looking for a turnkey solution in the shortest time possible, we can provide you with the hardware components needed as well. We provide PIRO-optimized servers, pre-installed and pre-configured with common business scenarios so you can start using PIRO right out of the box!
In order to utilize PIRO's barcoding capabilities, you will need to use barcode/2D scanners. Our scanners are programmed to be used with PIRO and work as soon as you plug them into a workstation that has PIRO installed.
Mini  form factor barcode scanners are also available to streamline the sales at tradeshows, storefronts or events.
Precise inventory handling is key for every jewelry business. Our PIRO-integrated scales help with eliminating manual weight entry errors and by speeding up the inventory handling.
We provide two type of scales: 2000g/0.01g resolution metal scale and 300g/0.001g resolution diamond scale.

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